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We pride ourselves in taking care of our gym community and our local community. At Erie Fitness Academy, we are actively involved in several charity campaigns on an annual basis, including Dawn of the Deadlift (Linked by Pink) and Toys for Tots. Here are some examples of recent charity events/contributions: 


$16,399 Raised for Linked by Pink

"We’re so proud of our Familia! Each year they continue to show up big time for those in need! We’re proud to have raised over $16,000 for Linked By Pink from our Dawn of the Deadlift event!"

Annual Toys for Tots Drive 

Every year, we partner with Toys for Tots and encourage our members to bring in gifts! They are always generous! We could really use a few more boxes! 


Annual 4th of July Party 

We love our gym and we love our country, so every year around the 4th of July, we throw a party for our members and their friends/family! 

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