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Coach DJ

Coach DJ is the President & Co-Owner of Erie Fitness Academy. He has a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Mercyhurst University and has 8+ years of personal and group training under his belt.

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Get to know DJ 

Where are you from?

McKean, Pa - graduated from General McLane in 2012 and Mercyhurst University in 2016


What are your certifications/accolades? How long have you been training?

Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science; have been training others since 2013, 

Starting working out in 2008


What activities were you involved in high school/college?

Wrestling in high school and college; grew up playing football and baseball also


What are your roles at the gym? When did you start working here?

Roles have changed greatly since starting in May of 2013 - first was mopping floors, cleaning equipment, manning the front desk, and some training; switched to coaching classes, 1 on 1 training, and managing the facility; role now is higher level business operations and planning as well as sales


Do you have any specialties when it comes to training?

Sports specific training, Group exercise training, Functional movement training, Wrestling Strength and Conditioning, High-Intensity Interval Training, Youth Training


What’s your favorite exercise movement/type of exercise?

Deadlifts and Chin Ups


What are your favorite hobbies besides working out?

Hanging by the pool in the sun, talking business with friends, and traveling


What is your favorite food?



What do you value in life? 

My health, friends and family, making memories and providing positive experiences for others 


What is your WHY?

I want to pass off the knowledge and discipline I learned growing up and through school to allow others to live the highest quality of life possible. I want to help others experience the most success they possibly can in health and in business. 


Looking forward to connecting with you! 

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