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Coach Kiley

Coach Kiley is a ISSA CPT certified trainer who graduated from Gannon University in 2021 where he played football. He specializes in Fat Loss & Sport Specific Training.

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Get to know KILEY

Marcus Kiley Smith, who spent his entire life as an athlete, participating in football, basketball, and baseball, became introduced to weight training during high school. Recognizing its significance in enhancing his athletic abilities, he developed a profound passion for training. His dedication and hard work earned him a football scholarship for college, along with all-conference honors.

Upon completing his academic journey, Marcus aspired to shed the weight he had gained during his football career. This endeavor led him to delve into extensive research on proper nutrition, sleep, and recovery. The results were astonishing, as he successfully shed over 80 pounds, which not only transformed his physical appearance but also his mental well-being. This transformation sparked a realization that many individuals were leading unhealthy lives despite the potential for healthier choices.

As a coach, Marcus Kiley Smith's favorite aspect of his role is guiding others to overcome their fear of the gym and showcasing the multifaceted benefits of achieving fitness, extending far beyond mere weight loss.


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