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Coach Lucas

Coach Lucas was hired in June of 2021 and is actively working with TFW warriors and personal training clients. 

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Get to know LUCAS 

Where are you from?

 Westfield, NY


What are your certifications/accolades? How long have you been training?


TFW- 6 months


What activities were you involved in high school/college?


Football, Baseball, Basketball, chorus


What are your roles at the gym? When did you start working here? 

Personal training and Group training- June


Do you have any specialties when it comes to training? 

Intense motivation!


What’s your favorite exercise movement/type of exercise?


Kettlebell swings


What are your favorite hobbies besides working out?

Reading, whittling, hiking/camping


What is your favorite food?

Tacos and steak burritos (with queso)


What do you value in life? 

Family, honesty, loyalty


What is your WHY?

To help change people’s lives (especially kids)


Looking forward to connecting with you! 

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