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Coach Ashlee

Coach Ashlee is a ISSA Master Trainer CPT who graduated from Edinboro University in 2013 where she recieved her degree in Human Performance. She specializes in strength/performance, injury prevention and functional nutrition.

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Get to know ASHLEE

Coach Ashlee has spent the majority of her life in the world of fitness and wellness. She is a mother of two and has been active since a young age. Throughout high school and college, she was actively involved in sports and even after pursuing a career in competitive bodybuilding, laying a foundation for a lifelong commitment to physical well-being.

Ashlee brings over a decade of expertise in the field as not just a personal trainer but successful health coach as well. Ashlee's focus extends beyond conventional fitness training, as she specializes in functional nutrition. She has been able to help many men and women balance their hormones, overcome various life obstacles and illnesses/diseases such as PCOS, Hashimoto's, Adrenal Fatigue, Pre/Intra/Post Menopause, Gut Dysbiosis and much more!

With a holistic approach to health and wellness, her goal is to empower individuals to achieve their best quality of life, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.


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